“We had” – ○330○


Totally forget the little stick that Fenkuz had gave us.
You taken it and you have looked at it, as for accurately examine it, then you have passed it to me: it was s simple little stick of wood, but on it were the two symbols: Algiz, and Thurizaz.
Two symbols of really protection.

After few minutes that I kept it in my hand, it broke in half, and from it cames out a pale light that has surrounded us and the apartment.
We looked at each other, and in a whisper I asked you: “Did i broken it? …. will does it work the same?” Our eyes met. My heart was beating strong, and you could see my worry in my eyes. You have tightned my hand, and you have looked at me with a sweet smile.

“You didn’t broken it. What I learnt from this magnificent place, is that there is always a reason for everything. Fenkuz gave me this little stick, earlier that i confessed him what i feeling for you…and remember you are my princess, you couldn’t ever destroy anything at least that you don’t want to.”

Your words got calmed me, and I dived in your eyes.
I was looking at you then I looked at the little stick, but I was a bit worry: the stick was broken, and I still kept the two parts: it seemed that I didn’t wanted me separate.
I hoped that I able to reunite them, in my bottom I felt a bit guilty, but I knew that you had right.

You went in the kitchen to take something to drink.
When you returned, I was trying to adjust the little stick: you remained stand for a minute to staring me. I didn’t have noticed you was looking at me.
Slowly you sat next to me, and in a whisper: “I love you even for this… Despite you’re a woman, a wonderful woman, I love your childish side, it all contains your magic… don’t ever change”, and your glance has changed in a more profound one.

You left the glasses on the little table, and we looked at each other, and slowly our lips approached one another. They were caressing each other. It wasn’t a kiss, but it was going beyond than a kiss.

We were feeling strangling inside.
We didn’t have felt need to stop, we went ahead. More our lips caress eachother, more we knew that was the only way to exceed all this.

In meanwhile the darkness was fallen, and outside Fenkuz was looking at the pale light that came out from the apartment: on his face was well printed a smile.
Pyr, despite his blindness, could see the flare, and he went next to Fenkuz who said simply: “The little stick broke…”


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