“We kissed

catturamaydaycon_lineareFor the last time. We looked at eachother and we sighed. By now, we knew, what was happened. With your declaration to Fenkuz, you had opened your soul to all kind of magic and the magic was entered in you.  I’ve smiled at you. You had a new light and this light was melting with mine and our sensations were amplified each glance we were sharing. It’s was like you have said. Since you have helped me to stand up in that bar the magical flow was entered in us and little by little was growed up. Till now you had never said to anyone what you was feeling for me.  It was missing  that little and simple step that your magic was completed. Our hearts were beating fast at unison, and we were still dazed by these emotions that seemed wrapping us in their beauty.  We were there, in front one another and we didnt understand nothing. We had need of only of our hands that themselves were touching. Our sensations were at maximum. For sure we had to move ourselves from that atmosphere that slowly it was swallowing us.
You have took my hands and slowly i’ve have took a long and deep breathe. You’ve done the same. We were looking at eachother and right after throwed out the air from the lungs, we holded tighter our hands. Your breathe was entered in me and mine in you.
Our heads seemed a battlefield. I could feel your new magical flow and you could feel mine that could explode in any time.
You have took my hand. Sincerely you didnt have never left it go. With your deep voice, you have said me ‘Stay calm…. breathe and i’ll do it with you’. We looked at eachother one more time in silence.
Slowly you got up youself and you have streched your arms toward me and with all delicateness you have took me and we went down. Going down, you with me in your arms, our hearts seemed two drum, but we didnt care it. We were bonded always more.
We could feel it. Now we could feel, see each shades of our love, trasforming itself, in something that was wrapping us inside. Even the most tiny touch could became the most biggest emotion that we had have ever felt.
We walked slow in the appartment. We looked at around us, as if everything was changed, but it wasnt. Only us were, above all you.
Together we went in front of the big window and you have putted yourself behind me and sweetly you have wrapped me with your embrace and in a whisper in the ear, you have said me ‘I will show you everything this and much more…’ You was saying it while you was turn me and you was taking my face for kiss me. We looked at eachother, while you have took my hand to accompanied me in your favorite corner. You was about to go in kitchen, but we remained stared the Fenkuz’ little stick on the little table.
We settled on the sofa and for long time we had watch it in silence.”


⇐“Now we had

“We had ⇒

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