“Now we had” – ○328○


The fully awareness of you being became magical.
We looked at each other for a long minute.
Our hearts were beating at unison, and we could feel our magical flows merging so fast that we had thought we would been swallowed in a twirl of emotions, and we wouldn’t been able to come out.

Slowly you approached yourself to me, and sweetly your lips have lays on my mouth, and that kiss that we given ourselves, has been one of the most passionate and magical.

When we broke away one from another, we remained in silence. The only thing that we could was been touch softly our faces: we were hypnotized by our by the light that we were able to issue.
If none of us have wouldn’t say nothing, I believe, Our Parallel World would have imploded in that exact moment.
Our hearts were going literally going crazy: it has been whispered a: “I love you much” and in the air has been released a big force that has wrapped us.
The force of our magic.

I was looking at you, and slowly I taken your hand placing it on my chest, and you have done the same, but this we already knew it: our hearts were beating at unison.
From now on they have would beat in this way.

I wasn’t able to take my glance off you: my eyes got wet.
“What’s up?” You have ask, drying the teardrop that was falling from my face.
“You… I’m watching your light that you are issuing… it’s so beautiful. That’s your magic.”
Sweetly you have took my face, and in a whisper: “That’s my love I have had for you since I met your eyes in that bar.”
I was looking at you without breathe.
We stared each other, and right after, I have sighed: “Kiss me again…”

Delicately you have took my face: in an instants we have could see an universe never seen before, and in that kiss that you have gave me we have could feel an explosion of emotions so big that our hearts were about to explode.

Everything around us was always more magic, and we with it.”


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“We kissed” – ○329○⇒

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