Always more

Cattura10nomeWhen i feel the vise in my stomach i know it’s our connection.
I feel, you want say me something.
Today when i opened my eyes i felt your sweet embrace wrapped me. And also now, your arms are sweetly embracing me. I can feel your hands touching me. I hold back the breathe and i close the eyes. Our breathe are at unison.
Look me.
Tell me, what do you are feel right now.
Your hands are travelling on my body. You’re touching my scars, while you’re looking at me. I’m able to see your soul trought your beautiful eyes. You doesnt say nothing but what i can feel is the most woderful emotion you have give me. Our Parallel World is in your not spoken words. Let me touch your face and let me kiss your sweet lips.
I stare my crystal ball and inside i see Our Parallel World is opening itself and is welcoming us.
Sweetly i can feel your touch. You are holding my hands and delicately we are entering in of it. I can hear your deep voice. I hear you what you would do for me. And everything is magic.
I love you much.


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