“We didn’t still” – ○327○


Have realised what really was happened, but for sure it has happened something.

We had felt the new energy ran go thought our bodies. And your words said to Fenkuz were resounding still in our heads, and our hearts were going crazy.

You, a human being became magic, had to say what really you would have do for me, for become real magical, and you had just done it.
I have taken your face in my hands, and sweetly I’ve asked you again: “Would you do everything for me?’
We looked at each other intensely, and then: “You have suffered much in your life: I have seen your scars, your wounds, but when I see your eyes, your soul there is an incredible joy of life. I don’t want see others obstacles in front of you: I love you much, Daria. You’re my magic princess. I would do everything for you: you gave again a sense to my life. Since I have helped yo to got up in that bar, you have changed me in better… and look where we are now. Where you have brought me, and will be not a simple magic rule to don’t make you see all the wonders of Our Parallel World…You deserve to see everything.”

Your voice had enchanted me: enchanted by which you have said it me all this.
Our hearts now were beating at unison fast.
In your glance there was the real persuasion of your words: If, now, I had asked you to take me the sun, you would have done.

But now the only thing I would have ask you, was to kiss me, and without say any words, sweetly you have made me lay, and without any effort our glances met, and sweetly, you have put yourself on me.

Now, any words would been superfluous, it was enough our eyes, our shy smiles, our little touches, our lips that had touch, for to know that with those words, now you was real magical, as me I was a witch.”



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