“In front of you” – ○326○


And in front of those words our hearts filled by one the most greatest feeling never felt before.

In your eyes I could see the feeling you was feeling in that moment. As in flash, I’ve relived all my life made of wounds, and scars, while I  was diving in your soul ready to fight any battle for make me happy.

We hadn’t say nothing, but around us our lights were merging one another.
I have taken your hand and in a whisper I’ve said: “Let’s go in.”

There was a floating atmosphere around us.
I’ve accompanied you next the stairs for go up.
I have put myself on the first little stair, in front of you.
You took me from the hips, and our glances didn’t take off one from another not even for a minute.
I’ve kissed you, while you was taking me in your arms: sweetly you have brought me in the bedroom, and delicately you have lay me down on the bed.
You was about to talk, but I’ve stopped you: I wanted staring you.
“Only with you, I’m going go beyond my limits” I have whispered you with my heart in throat, caressing your face.
“Only with you….” I repeated.

It seemed that your phrase it had pulled me out a new light inside me, and now it was surrounding us, and especially was entering in you.
As if in those words was the magical formula for make me see each things I had wouldn’t couldn’t see.

Slowly, we got it.
We remained astonished for what those little words in row, had unleash.
Maybe the biggest magic that Our Parallel World had attended.“


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“We didnt still” – ○327○⇒

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