You came next

luke0044_somma-2To me and sweetly you have embraced me. I have feel your sweet arms wrapping me, while i was sleeping. I have feel your breathe on my neck and your arms tightnening me strong and my vise in the stomach got bigger and bigger. I felt your whispers. You have called my name and our minds got connect eachother immediately. You had your eyes stared, on me and i have could feel your closeness make itself more strong.
Even now that i’m writing in this diary, i can feel our bond. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. I can feel you are looking at me without say nothing, but our hearts are beating at unison, our breathes are melting eachother despite all. Between us is a magical alchemy that was born that night and it didnt leave us.
Each time it does make click inside of our souls, we can feel it. Our heads explode, our hearts beats fast and only us know it’s our connection that it bond us always more, despite our distance.
I can hear your whisper. It leave me breathless.


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