“We were still” -○325○


In front of the mirror: that strange mirror.
I remained hypnotized by it, even you was.
But you sweetly you have whispered me: “We have to go.”
You have took my hand, and delicately you have accompanied me out.
Our hearts were beating hard. There, inside, the shack there were great emotions yet that were wandering around.

Beyond the little bridge we looked at Fenkuz who was in front of Pyr who was still sleeping: he was trying to awake him, he seemed worry.
We walked thought the little bridge, and we had call Fenkuz.
“We must confess you something, Fenkuz'” You have said to our friend, who was still looking at Pyr.

“I has been able to see the jump in the gap: I saw Blue City. Daria has wanted see it even her too: Pyr has helped her. With his….” – “…light’ Fenkuz concluded looking at his friend.
“Now he’s recovering his energies” I’ve added.

Fenkuz looking at us, a little angry, but he was understand that by little by little all that things, would came out, and the curiosity, above all mine, it have would ask some answers.
His glance at first hard, became more understandable.

There was a moment of silence between us, and the wise Fenkuz: our hearts were beating at unison and fast.

Fenkuz was elaborating what we had said him.
He said us: “What you’ve done has been so dangerous for the balance of the Parallel World: Daria rule the day and the night, Pyr with his light could bring back in life The Nothing, and this we, don’t want it, isn’t?”
We had listened the Fenkuz with much careful.
At end we were felt so sorry, above all you: You that wanted show me something of wonderful, but Fenkuz approached himself to us, and from his little leather bag, he has pulled out a little stick with the symbols of Algiz, and Thurizaz on, and he gave it to Luke.

“The next time use this: draw a circle around you. The invisible power of these two symbols will protect you, without put in danger other lives, and above all this wonderful world.”
You have taken that stick in your hand, and with an intense gaze you have thanked Fenkuz.

While I was looking at both of you, Pyr was awakening himself.
At end you have said: “I love her much, I don’t want to put any limits on her… .”
Fenkuz only nodded, and slowly went to Pyr.

I remained breathless for your last words: sweetly I have looked at you, and almost in a thread of voice: “You’ve moved me.”

You was approaching your lips to mine, and you have whisper: “You’re my princess, and I want give you everything the world denied you. Everything…”

I remained to stare you without say nothing, but our eyes were saying everything.”


⇐“It was as if you” – ○324○

“In front of you” ○326○ ⇒

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