“It was as if you

Daria5_sovappostoWas staring as the most beautiful person that you had ever met, and in someway, i was. You have closed the door, taking my hand and at the end, after a long and silent glance, you have sighed ‘I’ve prepared something’. We went in the kitchen and we had breakfast. In our minds, we have relived everything. Without say nothing. It was enough see our eyes and there were all our emotions. The emotions were great. The shack, the blue city, your embrace, your words, our hearts that were beating at unison. It was all this, our magic locked in our magic bubble.
I was looking at you and you was doing the same with me. After have eated something, i have stretched my hands toward you and you have took it. In a whisper i have said you ‘I want return in the shack…’ I hoped to find some track of the blue city.
We came out from the appartment, where we have found Fenkuz and our friends who wandered in the meadow. Pyr was still sleeping. He was still rest. The light he had released it had make him weak and he have to recover many energies and Fenkuz didnt have understand the reason he was still sleeping. We looked at them, while we were going  toward the shack. Going trought the bridge, i’ve stopped, right after i sighed ‘We should say it them’. You nodded. We have opened the door of the big shack. We were entered and for a long time we have forgot it. We wandered inside of  it, above all me. You was sit down on the bench, looking at me. There were no even signs of our magic bubble. Also the book from which we had saw the whole scene it was been put in order. Maybe the mirror was the only thing still not straight. Slowly i went in front of it. From very far i could hear a strange hiss. And if i was concentrated myself more i have could see the shadows of the people walking in the Blue City. I stared the mirror still not straight.  ‘Luke come to see..’ i sighed  almost breathless. You got up and when you was come to me you have embraced me from behind. Every your embrace left me without the breathe. It was so delicate and sweet and so protective. ‘Listen. … Look… there’ Even you have heard that hiss and you have see, as me earlier, the shadows of the citiziens of the Blue city.’
I was about to put straight the mirror when you have take my hand saying me ‘Dont do it!’
I turned toward you and you have continued ‘It was, already, crooked the first time i’ve seen the jump…it will have an own reason’ I have lost myself in your eyes that i forgot what i was about to do.
You have embraced me tight and then you have lifted up my face toward your. You have smiled. We looked at eachother. Slowly we returned to stare the mirror and there was a thing that we wanted do. To touch it, but we have didnt make it for fear to upside down all balances of our parallel world. Firstly, we have decided to talk to our friends.”


⇐“In that atmosphere

“We were still ⇒

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