camiciablu30_sovrappostoI’m calling you, sweetly i whispering your name… slowly my call arrives to you. Our hearts sweetly starting to beat at unison and our connection is began. It enough a whisper and our parallel world open itself in front of us and we enter in of it.
I can feel your chest against my back and your embrace wrapping me sweetly. Our hearts is going crazy. Our minds are asking ‘Why we are far?’ Our feelings making us feel so close.
Slowly you turn me, and your smile is going me crazy. You take my hand and you make it slide into your shirt. I remain breathless. We looking at eachother, inside our parallel world. Here in this bedroom, everything it’s expand. Here everything remind me when it’s everything is begun, and my emotions are floating, and i can feel your embrace sweetest than ever. Is it possible that you’re feeling the same i’m feel. Is it possible that my vise in the stomach is that you’re feeling in these moment that i’m writing in this diary?
I must to stop and i take a deep breathe. I feel your embrace that wrapping me, if i close the eyes i can hear your sweet breathe on my skin and your lips approaching to me for leave me a sweet kiss on my mouth.
I feel your closeness more than ever.



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