“In that atmosphere

luke02catturapluniformeIn which were trapped, our glances, our breathes, the love we have done were the only things that they made us feel alive. Sweetly you was came out from me and coming out you was looking at me as you never you have did. In, your eyes i have could see that tiny part of your soul still hidden, and there i seen the love you had for me. The part from where your whole love started. It was the most tiny part, but it contained the powerful part of your love you was feeling for me. My heart beated strong, and i’ve poured a little tear. I looked at you and i touched your tiny neo and i have whispered ‘I love you much Luke’.
You have settled yourself on the back rest and sweetly you have enlarged your arms and i dived myself on your chest. Softly you have said me ‘We should rest a little.’
I putted my hand on your chest caressing you.
I asked you only ‘They will be back?’ You didnt know, but you have said me ‘I think yes’.
‘I want be back there. I want to see the blue city again…’  and when i was saying it, we fallen asleep.
That day, the sunlight was slow to arrive. I was so tired, but slowly the sun rised up in the sky, while i was awoke up. I have opened the eyes and i was alone. Your side of the bed was empty when sweetly i have looked for you.
The light of the sun was entering in the bedroom and the breeze was gentle moving the white curtains. I settled myself on the backrest and i was in silence. I have smiled when i have heard some noises came from the kitchen. In a seconds i relived everything that was happened that night.
I got up and with careful, i went downstairs.
You didnt noticed me that slowly i was going down the stairs. For a  second i remained to stare you. My heart has starts to beat fast but it was enough that our hearts started to beat at unison and you turned yourself and our glances were meet. You have left what you was doing and you came to me, taking in your hands my face and sweetly kiss me.
‘They are back’ you have said me in a whisper and accompanied me to the door and you have opened it. Fenkuz was in his bush sleeping, while The Big One in his village, he was giving orders and we could hear his big voice from the appartment. We didnt have seen Kapi, but we knew he was flying high in the sky, and he was keeping everyhting under control.
I was more calm. I smiled turning my face toward you and you, smiling me, have took my hand and sweetly we entered again in the appartment.”


⇐“We were

“It was as if you ⇒

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