“We were” – ○322○


Still wrapped by our crystal’s light.
We given ourselves that kiss with a sweetness never felt before.

Slowly I taken your face in my hands, and for a minute, we remained staring each other: our breathe has increased.
Your hand slowly has started to touch me delicately my shoulders till get down my chest till reach my hips.
Our glances didn’t take off one from another: we were hypnotized by each other: you was next to me, but sweetly you have put yourself above me.

Sweetly your hand was caressing my legs, that I was slowly opening.
I have close the eyes while I have took your hand, and I was directing it, there in the middle.
Sweetly you have take me off the underwear, and I have moan when I felt your finger got inside me.

I wanted see you: I have opened the eyes, and you was looking at me. You was waiting for to kiss me again. Our lips have met each other passionately, but in their own way so sweetly.
With that finger inside me you have make me see another part of me that I still didn’t knew.

By now, the crystal light was vanishing but around us there were our own lights and they merging each other.
You was looking at me so deeply asking my permission: I just nodded.

Sweetly I felt your penetration, and while you was penetrating me, you have moaned of pleasure and this it made me flight.
Your movements were slow at the begin, but while I was feeling your desire growing up inside of me, they were became always faster.
You have blocked my arms lifting them up to my head.
We looked at each other so passionately that we thought to be lost.
Your movements were becoming always faster.
For a second we have missed the breathe.
Another little quick movements and together we have reached the orgasm: our hearts were pulsing the blood so fast that we thought to faint.

The contractions made us feel still the pleasure of the orgasm that slowly has faded.
Breathless you was looking at me: you was about getting out from me, but I stopped you: I wanted feel you still inside me.

The sensation of you inside me, it was one the most magnificent feeling I was feel in that moment.

We were two bodies in one soul, and we are remained so, looking at each other, I don’t know, even me, for how long.

I caressed you face and you, between kisses and slow movements and my little moans, have whispered sweet words that seemed tiny poems.”


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