This time

Cattura14nomeThat was you to whisper my name. I was still outside, when i felt you called me and our minds got connect. I felt you wanted embrace me. I know, you have still smiled.
Your eyes were set on me for a while, and today you have whispered aloud my name. It’s been like a sweet punch in the stomach and immediately after our connection, is begun. And it’s lasting still now. My vise in the stomach is growing up always more. You’re looking at me without say me nothing, but you would like say me something. I feeling it. Your eyes are saying me it.
Something says me that Our Parallel World is closer than we could imagine, and i know it’s inside of your shack. I’m sighing ’cause almost never i’m not wrong and you know better than me.
We calling eachother aloud. Our feelings are melting one in another. And now, in your eyes, i can see everything that you want say me. My heart is exploding and our connection is more stronger than before.
You know, i’m waiting for you. I will get each little signal from you.
I’m sighing… i feel you so close to me, especially in this bedroom, where it is begun everything.


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