Slowly i calling you

cattura08 And you can  hear me. Our connection starting sweetly. You have opened the eyes and you’re looking at out of the window of your bedroom. Something is growing up inside of you, and you must only whisper my name, and i feel your embrace. I close the eyes and you rembember when you heard my name and there, in these seconds, Our Parallel World opened itself. My vise is get bigger and bigger and our heads are exploding at the same time.
I, still feel, your sweet embrace of this night. And now your eyes still surprised of what you have felt when my name resounded in your headphones. Our thoughts have met eachother and now our souls are closer. A breathe at unison, would be enough to make us feel more close than we are despite now we are at the opposite sides of the world.
…my name resounded in your headphones…. in your heart….


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