“Inside the shack” – ○321○


Inside our magic bubble we were rounded by an unusual atmosphere, you was wrapping me with your embrace me from behind, and you have whisper me: “Are you ready?”
I’ve turn my face toward you, and I nodded, taking a deep breathe: we both held back the breathe.

Slowly, you have put the book in front of me, and you have open it on my legs.
What I’ve started to see has been a dark alley from which was entering a little sun light: there was a rusty stairs from a side, and at the opposite just a brick wall with three trash bins of different colour: blue, green and red with some garbage bags on the ground, some of them damaged with almost the content scattered on the ground.
From those pages, the bad smell could also be felt.
I was looking at each particular, with you that seemed you wanted protect me still more, despite we were inside our magic bubble rounded by the light of Pyr.

From the bottom of the alley Fenkuz and the Big One appeared, as if they were been launched from a force bigger than them, as if they were pushed ahead.
They were appeared from the brick wall in the bottom of that alley.
I have shyly smiled: you have could feel my excitement. Your heart was beating hard. Sweetly I tightened your hand.
From behind I’ve heard you sighed.

Fenkuz and Big One, were came out from the alley adjusting their clothes at their better, while Kapi up in the sky, waiting for them.

The colour of that city was of a blue magnificent.
I remained breathless. I held tight your hand: you were breathing with me.

Fenkuz, now a plump human being, walking in the street muttering and occasionally, he was going crash into the people increasing his mutters.
The Big One, was walking a at few steps of distance from Fenkuz, but instead he was calm. He had a brown 24hours briefcase, matching with his suit and tie and his crumpled hat. In his chubby hands, he kept some papers as if he had to go in a precise place and he often, was looking at his watch.

At a certain point The Big One has exceeded Fenkuz and they have shared a glance each other.
Fenkuz raised his glance up to the sky, where was Kapi: the moment was came, that one of them had to leave the protection of the crystals.

At this point you held me more tight.
You didn’t say me nothing, but I have understood that it was the most moment at risk.

None of us knew who would been enter.
Our hearts beating at unison and our emotions were going crazy.
I turned my face toward you and you have whisper: “It will goes everything well.”
With eye wide open and breathless, I’ve back to see the pages of the book.

The shop was at few steps from them.
In front of it there was a bench and from the moment we have seen the Big One settled on it, we got that would been Fenkuz to enter.
We held back the breathe for whole time he was in the shop.

You was embracing me sweetly, but I have could perceive your worry. For a moment I have closed the eye, and I threw away the air from the lungs, and in that exact moment in the blue city a soft breeze has entered in the shop leaving enter a glimmer of Kapi’s light.
Without realizing I had protected Fenkuz.

But immediately after, you have whisper me: “We have to go… Pyr’s light is fading, and outside is still night…” We looked at each other for a second.

The magic bubble disappeared but our crystals had wrapped us once again, and the magic was continued as long we had reached our apartment.

We went upstairs, we laid in the bed one in front another.
You have kissed me sweetly.”


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