When my

easy08fondigranaMy heart start to beat like a crazy i know that’s our connection and you’re looking toward me. Despite our real distance, in these moments we are so close one another and our souls touching. I need just to close the eyes and i feel you’re embracing me tight. Our hearts beating at unison, while you turn me. I hold back my breathe while i dive myself into your eyes where i can see your soul and i can hear your deep voice whispering my name. My head is exploding. You’re smiling me.
Despite we are far, we are so closer than we could imagine. Our feelings can touch like in a soft blow.
I can feel your feel your hands touching my hips. I close the eyes and i whisper your name.
Your perfume is arounding me. You holding me to you, as if you dont want let me escape. You leave me without breathe. I can feel your hand are taking my face and slowly you’re approaching it to you and delicately lay your lips on mine. My heart is literally exploding…


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