“I was hearing


Your breathe trought your chest, and it was transporting me in a wonderful world of emotions that wrapping me. The moon was high up in the sky and its pale light entering in the bedroom. Sweetly you was caressing me, while  you was looking at the starry night trough the branches of the tree in which was our appartament. You was thinking at the next hours, you was imaging my face when i have would see the gap between the two worlds. Your flow was melting with mine and i have could felt it. You was looking at me while i was sleeping. Your glance was one of the sweetest and deepest.
I was sleeping profoundly but what was happening around me it was one of the most magic moment, and it came to you. I have could feel your emotions, sensations around me. I was sleeping between your feelings. You was transporting me in another dimension.
That night was becoming always more deep with my sleep. You had closed the eyes for some time.  Suddenly, you was awaken yourself ’cause you have hear some noise from the shack. The furry animals who had to make the jump were entering in. Fenkuz and the Big One of the Morgur with Kapi, their protection. Till that moment you havent thought how to awake me, but you have look at me and right after you approached yourself to me for give me sweet little kisses. You have whispered ‘…Daria…. Daria … Daria…’. Delicately i have opened the eyes. You have, sweetly smiled me and in a thread of voice ‘They did the jump’.
My heart has started to beat more fast. You looked at me, i have embraced you. I needed to feel your body against mine in those seconds and dive my eyes into your. In that moment our crystals did something of unexpected. Their lights, together, were wrapped us as for protected us till reach the shack. The crystals were protecting me. Silently you have take me in your arms and together we went downstairs. We were go outside. Everything it seemed stop itself. The Markùts were at their place on the bridge, but as we knew, they were fallen in a kind of trance for control the others who have done the jump in the gap, therefore, they didnt noticed our go trought. The only who couldnt fall in trance, cause his blindness, was Pyr, who when he felt us, he has make a jump beyond the little bridge and he entered with us in the shack, where some books were fallen and the mirror on the sheet metal wasnt straight no more.
When we entered in the shack the light of our crystals, slowly faded but at the same moment our magical bubble was rising up around us. Pyr was able to open his blind eyes and realease his light inside. In meanwhile the bubble was itself closing, you have took one of the book fallen on the ground. From those pages we would have see the gap between the two worlds and our furry friends, now in their human form.”

⇐“You have holded

“Inside the shack ⇒

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