“You have holded

lukesenzanomeforteMy hand tight and you have helped me to got up myself from the opal rock and slowly we arrived in front of the appartement. I have took a glance to the shack and the access it seemed forbidden. We looked eachother. And the more time approached, everything seemed stopping. Everything seemed ready.
In the appartment, sweetly you have took me in your arms and without say nothing you brought me in the bedroom, and when you have lay me on the bed and you lay yourself next to me face to face and my eyes were dived into your, every my fear is gone away.
You didnt have say nothing. You was only looking at me, and our hearts have starting to beat at unison.
‘You know how really to calm me’ i sighed you carressing your face till reached your tiny neo, and tenderly you have smiled me, taking my hand for kiss it delicately.
You have whisper me ‘You will see everything will goes how it must go’.
Outside trought the window the sun, slowly was leaving the place to the moonlight.
That day has been full of new emotion and it wouldnt been finish here.
That night i have had really needed of your closeness more than ever, but we had to eat something.
You ran downstair and you have prepared some sandwiches and you have brought them upstairs. When you returned witht the tray, i have had a dejavu.
One of the first days we spent the time together, here in bedroom to talk and laugh while we eated sandwiches. That memories, in this moment it made me felt good, without think to the jump in the gap.
Suddenly you have stopped yourself and you have started to stared at me.
The atmospshere it was, as if it was itself slowed down.
Even my heart got slower and slower.
You have put the tray on the floor and sweetly you have embraced me, letting me put on your chest my head, while i have sighed ‘Tell me, one more time the colors of the jump in the gap’. Just said it and immediately after, i fallen asleep.”


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