“Slowly we” – ○318○


Entered our apartment, and our emotions were the most incredible that we could feel.
We had tried to act normal, but it seemed impossible: my calm was a forced calm, and you have could feel it.
My heart was beating so strong.
I have tried to be calm: Pyr, besides you, have perceived my agitation.

The others acting as if was a day like others, instead they knew that each time there was the jump in the gap, something could go wrong.

Kapi was flying more faster than usual up to the sky, Fenkuz was summarizing his script’ gripes while he adjusting his bush, as he did usually, but this time we noticed that they followed a logical thread.

We have thought that the Big one of the Morgur was in his village, even because it would be so weird to see him next the apartment, while it wasn’t strange to see the Little One run about close the lake shore chasing a little yellow butterfly.
The Markùts were at their same place on the little bridge, one the opposite of another.

When arrived at the lake we remained a little with the Little one who was always happy when he was able to having us only for him.
When you have helped me to sit down on the opal rock, the yellow butterfly was finally free, because The Little One has jumped on my legs, and I’ve started to caress him.

He said: “Today in the air there is something special, what happened?” The Little One had guessed something in our glances, but immediately after, his question, the yellow butterfly had catch again his attention, and always on my legs he tried to take her and then he jumped off and he starting chase it.

We looked at each other.
“You must take a long breathe.” you have said me, kneeling in front of me taking my hands in your.
“I’m a bit nervous…”I replied.
“I know, but there is no to worry about… everything will goes well.”
Then you have approached to me, and you have take my face in your hands whispering: “You’re so beautiful.”

I shyly smiled caressing the face, I have sighed: “I love you.”


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