You left me

img_20200330_045829_1816174903934954649248.jpgBreathless. Is it possible that what you think it’s the same that i think even i. When i’ve read your words i remained speechless and now my heart is scrambled always more than usual and our parallel world is opening itself always more even with the tiny emotion i feel and in someways i know, that you’re feel that same.
I stare your eyes  and now i have the certainty of which i feeling is the same you’re feeling.
Everything must speak to you. The feelings, the emotions, the time. Everything around you, which it give you, which you feel. And what i feel is your closeness. It exploding inside of me.
It’s everything which i think… it’s the same that you think even you…
Is it possible…. that… when we will meet…. Our Parallel World will open itself without any effort and we will enter in and we will discover, for real, that we were destined to be together?


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