“In your

26richikeforteGlance it drawed itself a sweet smile. You got up from the bed. And delicately you have stretched your hands toward me. In the air was still that strange atmosphere, where our thoughts were chasing one another and there was no need to talk. Our hearts handnt stopped to beat like a hammer. We knew that within short time you would been able to show me something of incredible. And i have could feel your emotion, also without any words spoken. Slowly we went downstairs. Without ask nothing, you have prepared something to eat. I settled myself on the little stool. The only thing we were able to hear were our breathes. We knew, that what you wanted me show, the jump, it could be dangerous. We couldnt do any previously attempt with the little light of Pyr. It would been danger for him, if he had released too much light in short time. His energies would been weak for release another light for me.
We had thought all these things while we looked at eachother when we had breakfast.
The spoken words were useless in these moments. We were feeling a great emotions inside and around of us. When you have putted away the dishes, you have took a long a deep breathe and you have took my hands and in a whisper you said ‘Let’s go out’, and you have open the door. Together, we were remained for a second still on the door of the appartment.
We looked at ourselves and you have took my hand and we had started to walk without a destination, but the only place that it called us was the Burn Valley.
And now the Burn Valley was the only place that could give us the tranquility we were looking for.
We reached the valley and we have seen the imponent mountain in front of us and we have took a deep breathe. It seemed that we had to throw out all the air from our lungs to take a new one. It seemed it was worked. We felt better. And at the end we putted ourselves in front one another, and we looked at eachother. You was looking at me so sweetly that i couldnt say you how much i loved you and in those words you have understand i was ready. Ready to see which you wanted made see me. We were in front one another, hands in hands as when we were in the wood, and we have could feel our emotions around us. They were so great that i have couldnt hear you that was saying me in a whisper ‘I love you much, Daria’  and you approached yourself to me and sweetly you have gave me one of the most gentle and passionate kiss you ever gave me. I remained breatheless.”



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