“You have wrapped”- ○314○


Me in your arms and your breathe, for me now, it were the only thing that I really needed.

Slowly you have started to talk: you have did it in the sweetest way.
It seemed you was telling me a story from a book, but you was saying me what you had felt when you have listened to me when I have talk alone with the furry friends.
“Your feelings wrapped me. I have felt your emotion: your words moved me. I felt your heart was beating hard. I would wanted run to you, but I knew, it was a thing that you wanted must to do alone.
I have could see your colours. They were so beautiful. For them, you… … me …. we are something unparalleled. They are living for what which we feeling.”

Your heart was beating got faster. I lifted my face toward you and our feelings merged each other as such much fast that we didn’t have understood what it was happened. We looked at each other for a second, but that second seemed lasting an eternity: If someone of us wouldn’t do nothing, we had thought that the world in which we were, would could explode in at any moment.

We didn’t have realise that we were approached ourselves always more as long we have touched our lips: we kissed us so softly.
Sweetly I have approached my fingers to your face: your eyes were inside mine: it seemed that each gave the breathe to the other.

We were in Our Parallel World from time, but it seemed that we still had to learn much things from it yet.
That day passed fast.
Outside the light of the sun was merging with the moonlight, and the colours of the sky were becoming a mix of turquoise and a pale purple, and your eyes were the only thing that I wanted see.

In the sky our colours were merging one with another.”


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