“From my” – ○313○


Words, you have understood that till now I didn’t have realised all that, maybe I was still living in a dream, but from the little things that I had seen and from the words of Pyr, i had understood much other things of Our Parallel World.

You was looking at me with all your sweetness, and more you was looking at me, more you was looking at one of the most sweetest side of my soul.
We were still to the other side of the lake, but slowly we were returning where the furry animals were going back to their normal activities.

Hand in hand, we have done the longer round, passing close the Morgur village. We didn’t have speak, but our thoughts going thought our minds fast.
Our emotions were there in those words don’t spoken.
Each steps we have done to get back in our apartment was an explosion of new sensations.

In front of the apartment, I wanted stay for a while with the little animals and thank one by one.
“Maybe I didn’t ever say you this: only now I realise that i’m not living a dream, and this our present that we living it will like this, from now on. What which you have wanted make me see, it’s the most incredible thing I ever saw. Despite I can’t see you in the gap, I can say you, to be careful. Without you all this it woud not be possible.”
They were words that came out with a simplicity, that I never thought was so easy.
At end I only said: “I love you guys, you’re too cool.”
I had said the last words for play down the moment, even because I was about to pour some tears.

You entered in the apartment.
You knew, that it was a moment just mine with the furry friends, but you have listened everything.

When I have finished, I was about to got up, but slowly one by one of the furry animals came to me and they wanted to be caressed.
The Little One, always in first line, now had respected his turn.
Kapi with his shrill sound he said me :”That’s me that I thank you”, and he took the flight and he went up the tree where it was our apartment. The Markùts wanted only a caress and while they left me, for a seconds, they became the two guys with the skateboard and they said me: “You’re cool too!” indicating me with their finger.
Fenkuz said only; “Your emotions has created this.”
Pyr had talked much, and he wanted only a caress, then has been the turn of Little Morgur that has jumped on me happy I have caressed him much, and from bit distant iI have heard the Big One that saying: “That caress is enough for every of us” I have smiled to him.

I turned for enter in the apartment, and I found you was in front of me, taking my hand you have whisper: “I listened what you have said them… .”
You was taking me in your arms. You was taking me upstairs.

You knew that I wanted lay next you and listen to your breathe. By now, you knew me better than me.

Wrapping me in your arms, you have sighed me: “You’re their world… and … mine. I love you.”


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