“You still looked” – ○312○


At me and in your eyes i could see a new world where you wanted to take me to, but now the only thing I wanted to, was stay alone with you. My heart would be went crazy, if I hadn’t caress your tiny neo.
Slowly I got up from the little stair in front of the apartment, and I stretched my hands towards you.

We had left Pyr and we had softly caressed the Little Morgur who was jumping around us, but slowly he was approach to Pyr to let know him the lastet updates of the jump.
We also seen arrives the others: Fenkuz, the Markùts, and Kapi.

Hand in hands we have reached the other side of the lake.
It was the big meadow, where, in the past our lives, wanted stay in peace: there, we have could feel only our hearts that were beating at unison.

We placed in the middle, and we have tightened us the hands.
One of the most intense, and deep of the feeling was about to wrapping us delicately.

You was approaching to me, and right immediately after it unleashed a force inside us that it made us take the flight up to the sky. And in this twirl our emotions melted one in another. In that moment I have could feel your greatest desire to show me something that I wouldn’t never see.

From the sky we have seen our furry friends that got preparing the latest things. They seemed that they review a script.
Fenkuz his monologue of gripes, while the Big One, his speech of the great business man with his brown suit and tie always lacerated and the hat crumpled.

Slowly we landed in the big meadow, and in a whisper I have said: “They are doing everything this for us: we must protect them at any cost.”
You have nodded kissing my hand.
You have whispered: “You’re a real princess.”


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