I close the eyes

vanguardmare.moltiplicaAnd i feel your hands holding my hips.  You’re whispering my name and slowly you turn me. You take my hand and you place it immediately on your chest. Your heart is beating hard. Mine does the same. Our minds get connectand our eletric shocks come and go, despite our distance. We feel close eachother.
Your hands are touching delicatly my body.  My mouth squints itself a little a bit and your lips laying on my mouth. Your kisses are the most sweet kisses i ever received.
My hands are always on your chest. Your t-shirt is soft i can feel your muscles.
You have the eyes closed, but you are holding me tight. I caressing you face. While you open them again my face is almost attached to your. The only thing i can do and i want is kiss you again.
I feel your closeness.



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