“Your heart

easy054forte-1Was beating hard. I have could feel it. In these moments your eyes were set on me. I was looking at you and more our glances were one in another, more our feelings got bigger and bigger.
Pyr was still there. He was looking at us each other, and in some ways, we could feel his happiness.
What he had revealed us, it would be our little secret, even if we knew, already, that the other furry animals, knew what which we had  discovered.
We were still looking at the Morgur Village, from where the others were going back.
We have looked at Pyr for a moment, and without asking, Pyr replied us ‘They have planned the last things for the next jump. The Morgur has a map of the real world. The shops, the streets, the alleys, and some name of some citizens. Even if we appears occasionally, we must be appears in harmony with the environments around us
. You have looked at me and you have say in a whisper ‘That’ true. The Markùts seemed very comfortable in these streets. They seemed, as if they always were being part of that city.’
Pyr nodded adding ‘The most important thing is that we must act always the same role. Take me as example. I’m a blind homeless. And from the first time the Morgur and the Markùts has involved me in this jump, it has been  easy, for me play this part and each time I go trough the gap I returned always with extra stuff.’ We remained speechless, but to that last funny phrase, we have smiled much.
Pyr sweetly has ended ‘You’re two kind persons. Your magic is one of the most purest I ever seen. Your magic comes from your deep love you have one for another, and this magic is very rare… your love is the purest’.
While Pyr was ending that phrase the shrill voice of the Little Morgur was announcing his arrives.
We were remained breathless and just with a little nod we had thank him.
We knew, he would have perceived it and it’s been so. He nodded too.”


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