“While you was” – ○310○


Saying this, you was looking at me, and hearts were about to crazy, and right after you held my hands in your.
Pyr was still there, and he was looking at us: he knew what we were feeling.
They were greatest emotions, and he even could see them.
They were wrapping us.
You have looked at me for an instant, then: “You’re so important to me, and I want to give you everything you wish…. my princess.”
I was staring at you, my heart was about to explode. Without realized, I have caressed your face: my eyes got wet.
Slowly my heart was jumped in throat, and I has been able to say only “I I… .”
A teardrop fallen from my face nd you had dry it with your gentle fingers.

Pyr had left us for a moment: the moment was only for us, and in those instants you have sweetly kissed me. It seemed that our souls could splash out from our bodies, and we held them for don’t leave go them away.
We were looked at each other deeply, and we had took a long breathe.

Then we have called again Pyr excusing ourselves with him.
But what which Pyr replied us it’s been one of the most delicate thing we had heard: “You don’t must excuse yourself. What you are feeling in these instants it’s the most beautiful thing that you can feel, make for us, for this your world. Each time you feel something like this it’s something that is about to be born in the Parallel World. Each time you are feeling such great emotions, we are so happy. It’s your force. With this force, we can defeat anything.”

We looked at Pyr then we looked at each other and we threw away the air from the lung,s. We were feeling one of the beautiful emotion but at the same time even one of the biggest feeling that it was choking us from inside.

We wanted talk but we didn’t make it: Pyr did it for us.
“You have every tools you have need for show to your princess the jump in the gap, but just one thing is necessary: my little light”.
You looked at me, throwing away the air from the lungs.
You asked: “You mean the crystals, and our magic bubble?”
Pyr nodded.

“Usually when we check the others who did the jump in the gap, it’s like we falling in a kind of trance, in our rest place: Fenkuz in his bush, the Markùts on the little bridge, the Morgur in their village, and me under the tree, but always connected trought the Fenkuz’s mirror. Usually we don’t make the jump till we are not sure till Daria is sleeping…”
You threw me a sweet glance, and you have finished the Pyr phrase “you don’t make the jump till is complete dark and the only light is that of the moon’.’ Pyr smiled and you have looked at me even more.

“My little light can help Daria to rule the night even if she is awake.” You have sighed and you h my hands tight.

Then Pyr has concluded: “But you must be careful. I don’t know how long my light may resist.”
My heart was beating hard. You have paid much attention to these last words of Pyr, and you have nodded.

While from far we had seen the other furry animals go back from the Morgur village.”



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