I feel your

Eyes on me and my vise get bigger and bigger. Your hands are holding me from behind and I can feel your whisper. You call my name. You have sighed it several times. I’ve heard it. I’m here. I feel our connection. I don’t leave you. It’s just a technical issue. I can feel your closeness stronger than ever. I can feel you’re looking for me. My head is exploding. We calling eachother. I can feel your deep voice. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and my thoughts are toward to you. I think you. I feel you’re holding my hips and I feel you’re whispering “I missing you”. Our connection is strong. We can perceive it. And I feel, you are calling me aloud. I close the eyes and I see you are stretching your hands. Softly I take them. I can feel you’re saying me “I love you”


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