In these hours

camiciablu30_moltiplicaI can feel your embrace getting stronger and stronger. I, even feel your perfume, around me. I feel your chest tocuhing my back. I know, i feel it’s almost bare, I’m biting my lips. My heart is beating so hard. Your closeness is here…. you are close to me, and if i my sensations doesnt wrong your eyes was set on something i wrote few hours ago,  that i always dream, but in someways it’s something it happens when our minds get connect. Your whisper. Your voice that call me.
My breathe get shorter and shorter and i feel your chest always more against my back and slowly you turn me. And finally our eyes meet.
I stare your shirt so open and you take my hand and you let it slide in to your chest delicatly. I hold back the breathe, till your lips lay on mine and then your voice says ‘I was waiting for you’
My heart explode, while your shirt fall over your arms and you are looking at me without say nothing and you taking my face in your hands and begin to kiss me with your all gentleness that make me crazy.
Our hearts is beating at unison in that moment, they beating hard.
Our minds getting connect.



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