“After you

sunde10_fondigranaHave caressed my face and we looked at eachother deeply. We have tried again to go down. We shyly smiled eachother. You have gently took me in your arms and while you have done those few stairs, i have stared you and delicately i’ve slide my hand in your shirt. Your heart was still beat fast, while your eyes didnt take off from me. In the appartement there was a magical atmosphere. And each time we were sharing even the most tiny glance, it was as if it was explode some kind of energy and has wrapped us. We were wrapped by something of incredibly beautiful. You has approached yourself to me and you have whispered me ‘Each day with you, close to me, it’s the most beautiful of my life’. It was the same  for me.
After a long glance in silence, where we said us everything, you have sighed ‘Pyr…’
I’ve nodded, taking  something to eat and together we went out the appartement.
The day was delicatly warm. A rainbow was framing, the Burn Valley from afar.
We settled ourselves on the little stairs, looking at around us.
Pyr has immediately lifted his face toward us,  stretching himself, and with a slow walk, he was approached to us.  He didnt say nothing. We had caressed him
We were about to speak, but Pyr knew already our question, and he turned his face toward the Burn Valley.
‘It’s from there, i have to start to tell you everything.’  We looked at eachother and we hold back the breathe till he did start to speak. His blind eyes seemed shine on by an own light.
‘I was wandering in the Burn Valley when the great force of the Nothing has stroke. I have tried to fight it but little by little it made me blind. The homeless and the woman of the mountain had took care of me….  I can see… ‘ – ‘How is it possible?’ We asked at the same time, incredulous.
Pyr, before to continue has awaited for a moment. I sighed ‘…. your eyes… ‘ – ‘My eyes can be misleading. I saw the nothing for  an interminable time when i’ve fought against it. If the homeless and the woman of the moutain didnt had healed me, i woulnt be here for you.’
We were still speechless, and occasionally we looked at eachother.
‘How they healed you?’ i asked in a sigh.
‘They have tried to pulled out all what i saw trought the nothing, but they have failed. But then they were been able to change all the dark light i’ve seen, in this…’ And in that moment that Pyr has opened his eyes for a tiny moment, and the dark light has become something of marvellous. From the most dangerous thing to the powerful and beautiful light, but even the most shortest. ‘The woman and the homeless have done their best. I can release of this light little by little. If  would i release all in one time, i could, even die. But, i’m sure i can help you’  and Pyr was indicating me.
We looked at eachother, breatheless. Luke looked at Pyr and he said ‘ I’ve promised it her…’ I looked at you holding back the breathe.”


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