“The next” -○308○


Morning we woke up with a strange sensation inside.
We looked at each other. Without say nothing, we asked each other “What is?”
We knew, it was a good one.
Our hearts was beating at unison, and what which we were feeling it was wrapping us and it make us feel closer than usual.
As if that this thread that has united us since our first meeting it has become bigger.

While you was about to taking me among your arms, to go down, our desire to kiss us has become irrepressible: that desire was growing up inside us, each minute pass, since we had opened the eyes.

I was in front of you: you have took my hips, while you was still on the edge of the bed.

Slowly you have put me on you while you laid again on the bed.
I was above you. You was supporting me while delicately I was sliding my white dress till my breasts would be discovered, but at those point your hands has stopped me, and gently you started to touch gently my chest till arrived to the breasts almost naked.
Your hands were so gentle on my body.
I have closed the eyes, you have whisper name many time, as long I went crazy.

You was continuing to hold my hip, with a hand and with the other one, you was still touching me delicately.
Our magical flows were merging each other. We looked at us, for a moment, and for a moment everything seemed suspended.
Our breathe, our eyes were straight one in another: seemed suspended even our lives.
Seemed was itself everything stopped.

I dived myself in your eyes, in search of all your love for me, and when i saw it even in the tiny pupil of your eyes, my heart exploded and everything has starting to pulse again.

I was above you, and i was looking at you profoundly: slowly the shoulder strap has sliding over my arms and my breasts were discovered, and softly your hand has, delicately began touch them.
We were shyly smiling us: our lips were touching gently.
Your hand that held my hip, now was caressing my legs.

We looked at each other deeply for a long moment and after you have took my face in your hands, in a whisper you said: “I love you much.”
I sighed, bowing me to kiss your lips.”


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