“You was taking

luke19_fondigranaBreath again and i was looking at you, smiling you.  I took your hand and suddenly you have started to talk ‘Maybe we can ask Pyr some advice’. I have nodded while outside was becoming dark, and i only wanted be only embraced by you. That night we didnt have eat.
Then you got up and delicately you have stretched your hand toward and slowly we went upstairs. Softly and kindly i’ve dived in your chest, while the moonlight was illuminating the room throught the white curtains. You was caressing me while i was listening to your breathe. Suddenly you have begin to whisper me ‘Aint the city that we left, you should really see it.’ You have continued to describe me it.
Your breathe was still wrapping me and i could see all the colors trought your words.
Slowy it was growing up in my mind a thought, but right after i deleted it. By now our minds were so connected and you have immediately replied me ‘Even me i thought the same, but then i said myself  it was impossible that there was another world.’ But this doubt has left us with many questions. We had to ask Pyr even this.
Your breathe got slower and slower then you lay your head on the pillow and you have looked me so profoundly that i’ve felt lost, stripped of my body and i could feel only our little eletric shocks run trought our minds. Then you have stretched your hand and soflty i have lay myself again on your chest, but before close the eyes, you have caressed my face and slowly you have lay your lips on mine and then you whispered ‘ I want to give you all this…’
And right after we were falle asleep.” 


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