I’m trying


To shake from me that sensantion you have left me, by now, from four days, but i can’t make it. And i’m wandering in a part of our parallel world still unknown.
I can hear your voice. your whispers. You call me. I follow your voice.
I’m sorrounded by mirrors and i see my body.¬† I see my scars.
I feel your closeness more than ever in these hours. I feel you’re here close me.
I feel your hands on my hips. You’re supporting me.
I know, you have see my wounds from inside of my soul.
Our connection is getting stronger and stronger.
My vise in stomach scrambling me. And more i think to that phrase and more i move myself ahead i feel my chest like you have describes it
In reality i felt so, as you have describes it, right  after last leg hospital intervetion, when they me the epidural.
But since i’ve edited that video it’s like i was being part of your story you have written. It’s like you have wanted putted some excerpt of my life that i’ve told you when we have met us online.
Only now, i’m realizing that it could be.
I close the eyes and i feel your hand holding tight mine.
I must take a deep breathe.


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