Your words still

reading01_forteResound in my head and they wrapping me like an embrace, and it seems that you whisper me ‘Don’t worry i’m here for you’, and i can feel your arms are wrapping me tight.
If i  start to think you, our connection slowly begin. I just need to close the eyes, take a long and deep breathe and i can feel your perfume mixing with the pages of the book in which you’ve wanted printed that tiny description of mine. In your words there is everything and now i must throw out the air from the lungs and i can feel you want me keep hold more tight than ever to you. In those words there is all what i had faced up to till i’ve met you.  Till that day you have met my eyes and you had said me go ahead with all my strenght and you would be you  close to me since then and on.
Since our magic connection has begun, you have gave me of what i really needed. A person who understand what i had feeling till now and that person is you.
In you, i have found a guy to who i can say everything without shame. And with you is everything easy. I look at you and i know you feel the same, even  if you are the opposite side of the world.
It’s strangely magic all this, but it’s happening, and it’s really magic.
I close the eyes and i throw out the air from my lungs and i feel you close to me….


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