“When we had

daily_default13forteThe certainty that all furry friends had left the ground in front of the shack, slowly you have opened the door and you have checked that they didnt had see us. You have took me in your arms and you, with me, have run inside the appartament. I have closed the door. We have laugh much, as if we were been escape from prying eyes, and as if  we had escaped from everything. We had our hearts that were beating so hard. But we knew that someone with a sense more acute that others, knew we were inside the shack. But we even, knew that Pyr wouldnt have say nothing. When we have closed the door, Pyr was resting under the tree in front of the appartment. He didnt moved himself, but we knew that he had the most acute sense among all of them due his blindness. We knew, even, that he was smiling, as we were doing. We had thrilled moment when the Big one was entered and we were in the middle, and he would could see us. On balance, we were seemed two childrens who were playing hide and seek. You had still  a shortness of breath, but you was looking at me and i was smiling at you and at the end you have said ‘Here it is! That’ so i want to see you.’ And with that little phrase you have filled my heart still one more time of a great sensations. You was able to make me feel so special, even with two words in a row. And that was your magic. You approached yourself to me and you have took my hands in your and while you was looking at them, you have said me ‘They will make the jump within few days. Three or four or so.’ I was looking at you, as if you was telling me a fairytale. But you was thinking how to deceive my power to exchange the day to night, without any consequences. We still didnt know which consequences would been, but for sure, they would been, but we knew one thing, in our magic bubble we would been in safe.
But maybe someone would have help us, and we were think to the same furry friend.”


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“You was taking ⇒

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