Your eyes


Are looking at me  and i feeling your embrace and if i looking at you i can dive myself in our parallel world, where i can find the peaceful place i really need
I realise in these moments that when i think you they open themselves inside of me, milion of great emotions and i know that’s you that make me feel in this way.
Each time i think to other person and then i think again to you, they are your sensantions that i want feel. You make me feel free, and inside of me explode a moltitude of colors and my heart is beating hard, as if we meet for the first time.
These three days that i have worked on that video, you have wrapped me with you voice, and each time you left me breathless.
In those words you have describes me perfectly. Now that i’ve learnt them by heart, they will remain inside of me. You have counted each my wounds and you have putted in that phrase. If i think to what you have written, i cant hold back my emotions, and i think each time i shared wih you my life, in that phrase you have collect every my wounds and scars. You have counted them one by one.
I must to take a long breathe and now i can feel your embrace me from behind. I close the eyes and our connection is getting stronger and stronger.
I whisper you ‘Remain with me’.


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