“We were looking at” – ○305○


Each other. You above me.
Slowly I made you sliding your shirt over your shoulders, and I have could hear only your breathe getting faster, while around us everything has becoming of a pale purple, and unconsciously, we knew that it was our bubble, and inside of these colours, we were invisible.
We were inside of our little world, and there everything, even the most tiny emotion would have amplified our tiny magic.

In this magic bubble, your perfume had pervaded me as much as I was at your mercy: your eyes were two little oceans in which I have could lost me, but with one only your kiss, I would found the way again.

We remained so, I don’t know how long: we were looking at one another. We seemed astonished by what which were feeling: it was a great emotion.
Me on the ground, and you was supporting yourself with the hands.
It was a picture that I would have stared forever in my mind if there was a total silence.
But it was impossible, because from outside we have could hear some noises, and we knew, they were our furry friends.

The shack was closed.
They didn’t know that we were inside, they didn’t have opened the door, but we have listened to them talking about their next jump between the gap.
This time would been the turn the Big One with Fenkuz.
We held back the breathe, when the Big One has opened the shack to check that everything was in order.

We were there! In the middle, he would could see us, but he didn’t.
He even wandered the shack, but for magic he didn’t ever approached himself to the magic bubble.

While he did that last control, our glances didn’t have ever take off one from another, and our breathe was at unison, and it was going crazy.
After he left the shack, closing the door behind himself, we have threw away the air from the lungs, and after a minute without do nothing, we given ourselves a soft kiss, then you have sighed me: “I will show you everything what you want… . “

And those words were remained suspended, while we were looking at each other.”


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