“We were


Entering in the mind of the other. I was going trough your thoughts that they were planning my shack visit when the gap would been open. And you was in mine, with millions of doubts, fears, but even curiosity. Above  all curiosity.
We were pervaded by million of contrastants feelings. But the one assured the other.
And each time that one tought met one other one, we could only sigh, and our hearts beated hard.
We were about to challenge for the first time the nature in which we were been catapulted.
Now that the decision was taken and our hearts got slowly calming, we could even think what to eat for breakfast.
But something had catched our attention. The three magic stones that were remained on the floor.
We have looked at them stunned, as if  they had talked trough your words. They were Gebo, Algiz and Teiwaz. Love, protection and courage. After that strange dance of the stones, we didnt had realised that those were fallen on the floor, and however it was your concept that you was explaining me few minutes ago.
You have looked at  me and then you have took my hand for go in the kitchen, but i’ve adressed you in front of the grey door and slowly i’ve opened it. You didnt asked nothing and you have followed me just looking at me, taking my hand.
The day was a little cloudy. Far there were even little lightenings, but more me i was arounded by colors of the nature and by your perfume, and you that was looking at me, all the clouds with the lightenings were disappearing.
Without realizing i have conducted you in front of the shack.
We had stared it for a while, then i whispered you to open it and gently you had let me in.
We putted ourselves in the middle, and magically the door was itself closed.
We were in front one another. Slowly i’ve lay myself on the ground. You have said ‘In this way your dress will get dirty…’ I have looked at you, stretching my hand toward your, and i have replied you ‘I dont care…’. You kneeled yourself between my legs, you kept your chest up with the help of palms of the hands on the ground. You knew well where my hands would be gone, and slowly you have bowed to kiss me.
In meanwhile our crystals, they made us enter in our magic bubble.”


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