“You was” – ○303○


Still in front of me, and our hearts beating hard at unison. After that twirl, we knew what say, but we had to wait some minutes: we were breathless… speechless, all around us was so beautiful.

I has been the first to broke the silence, asking you: “Tell me what you had in mind…”

You got up yourself from the little table in front of me: you have started wandering again, in the apartment, then you have stopped, and you have asked me: “The magical bubble, do you remember… when we were inside?”
How could I forget it? My thoughts went immediately to that day we had done love inside of it.
Our little own world inside the Parallel World, where nobody couldn’t enter, except us.

I nodded, while I was seeing you that you was thinking aloud: “Inside of it, it’s like we are invisible to the others, isn’t?” I always nodded, and I was getting where you wanted to take me.
“You would do this for me?” I asked, diving myself in your eyes, with the heart in my throat.
“Is this not dangerous?” I added in a thread of voice.
You looked at me, and you sighed: “Can’t say, but I will be at your side always.”

I have closed the eyes for a moment, I threw out the air from my lungs: your perfume was wrapping all my senses, and when I’ve opened them again, you was still looking at me with that glance in which I lost myself many times.

After a several minutes in a silence full of words, I have said: “Ok. let’s do it.”
Our hearts didn’t wanted to stop to beat hard.

You was looking at me deeply, and slowly I was approaching myself to you. I have took your face in my hands.
I approached my face to your till touch it.
“No one has put at risk his life so, for me” I have said in a whisper. Then I’ve make slide my hand into your shirt and you have left me do, and with a languid glance you have given me one of the most sweet kiss that you ever gave me: so delicate, like you if you were afraid to break me.

You was about to add something, but I’ve put one my fingers on your mouth: what you would have say me trough the words, you was saying it me with the eyes, and now it was what I really needed.
Your eyes on me. “



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