“You was still

luke02catturascuriLooking at me, as if you watching to the most beautiful thing you ever had saw. We were still in that limbo of emotion from where we weren’t able to came out. But i have could feel that you had to comeback down. But with all delicacy you have took me in your arms and while we went down you have whisper ‘Maybe i’ve found a way…’.  I looked at you surprised. You wandered in the room, murmuring, but following a logical thread. Our hearts were chasing  and they stopped themselves when our glances met. I followed you in this your crazy thought. I knew that you wanted make me see the gap between the two worlds, but, by now, i  given up. I’ve told you that. But you didint wanted that i gave up. You kneeling in front of me, taking my hands in your and you have said me ‘You have gave me all this…. and i….’ you stopped yourself and you was able only kiss me.
‘Nothing or nobody cant put any limits in front of  my princess’. While you have said this, inside of me there was a storm  of emotions, and i wasnt able to hold back the tears. Nobody, before you, have said me such much wonderful words. I have had to put my hand on my mouth for dont make to escape each feelings that was revolutioning my being.
We looked  at eachother for few seconds in silence, while you was drying me the teardrops from my face. I have caressed your face and then you have took the hand and you have placed in the chest. You have whispered ‘My heart beats only for you’.
Right after these words it was itself unleashed a great emotion around us that it seemed wrapping us. We remained breathless, even because, all the magic stones were been involved, and they turned around us in this twirl. It was one of the most wonderful magic moment we were living, if  not the most beautiful one. Our hearts were beating like crazies We had holded tight the hands, while we were looking at one in another and then you have whispered ‘I love you much’. I sighed and right after this big emotion faded, making putting again all the magic stones at their place, except three that falled down on the floor.”


⇐“You was caressing me

“You was ⇒

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