“You was caressing me” – ○301○


While, even you was fallen asleep, you have whispered: “I love you Daria.”

Our hearts were beating at unison. I was feeling you close to me, I’ve approached myself to you and I lay my head on your chest.
You was embracing me tight, as if you wanted protect me.
Your breathe was the only thing that I really needed to feel in those hours.
That night we met ourselves in dream.
Our breathe got faster.

I was coming out from the forest, and I was walking toward the lake, I met you there: you seemed in search of something.
In the air there was a good perfume. I was still walking, I didn’t wanted disturb you, but some noise has made you turn and it was in that exact moment that we looked at us.
You have started to stared me astonished. You approached yourself to me. You softly touched my little body trough the white dress, and you have lifted me in the air for then make me slide on your body.
That atmosphere that was itself creating, was one of the most magic ever.

Even in dream, we have could feel our emotions merge, and they were really beautiful.
We hadn’t say nothing, but we had said everything trough our gazes, our sighs and our little touches. You was looking at me so: your perfume surrounded me: my heart was going crazy that I hadn’t realised that was holding in my hand a soft piece of cloth: in reality I keeping tight, your shirt in my sleep.
You have embraced me tighter.

Your eyes were the most beautiful thing that I was looking at in those moments: there was all your delicacy and the sweetness that I’ve ever known in a man.

I believed we would could stay so for the eternity, looking at each other: to live of our breathes.

But slowly, we have opened the eyes in the same instant.
We knew that we had done the same dream. Our feelings were the same.
Everything around us was light: we looked at each other, and even awake, you had the same glance, and you didn’t take the eyes off me.

We had a strange sensation: I didn’t know what it was, but you was perceiving something that it was regarding your little research when you was downstairs.
Maybe that dream it had opened you a road, to me even still unknown.

You have looked at me, and shyly you have smile me.”


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