My heart starting

sunde10_sovrappostoTo beat hard and i know it’s our connection. If i close the eyes i can feel even even your hands, from behind, that are holding tight my hips, and your perfume is arounding me as an embrace.
I close the eyes and i can feel also your sweet whispers.
I take a deep breathe and you turn me, as usually you do.
I’m shaking, because in these istants i feel your closeness so close, and i know if i  would turn myself, i would find you there behind me that you are waiting for to make slide my hand in your shirt and you know it’s one thing i would like to do.
I feel, you’re calling my name. Your hands is touching my body. My hands are shaking on this keyboard and i know, in someways, you read what i’m writing in this open diary, and this making me going crazy.
I feeling your embrace getting more tight and you leaving me without breathe, and you know that, only calling my name.
Your perfume arounding me, and i cant anything about it, i feel you here close to me, in a such way as never felt before.





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