You’re embracing

easy30fondigranaMe so tight. I feel you. Your voice is penetring me deeply. I must to take a long breathe. Your chest is against my back and slowly you’re turning me. Our eyes meeting and i hold back the breathe, then i throw out the air and sweetly i can feel your hands hold my hips and i place my hands on your chest Our glance is  languid. You take my hand and you let make it slide in your shirt.
Our bodies are touching and you are sighing my name. I close the eyes and i can feel your hands are travelling trough my body.
Slowly we entering in Our Parallel World.
Your breathe is getting fast. You take my face in your hands and slowly you approaching youself to kiss me.
I feel your perfume around me, and your hands around me and your voice inside of my soul is shaking me…
I feel your closeness so tangible…. if i close the eyes i can see you and i can feel everything you want make me feel. And it’s a thing never felt before.
I must sigh. It’s incredible… all this situation…
You’re incredible.


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