“Suddenly you

shack60_fodigranaGot up and have stretched your hand toward me. Slowly, still thinking about what Fenkuz said me, i’ve took it and you helped me trought the little stair in front the appartment. Without say nothing, you have took me  between in your arms and we went upstairs. I was a little tired. The darkness was up and slowly the sky was filling itself of stars. We lay ourselves one close another. Face to face, we looked at eachother. You was looking at me so sweetly. You was thinking a method for make me see the gap between the two worlds.
You was seeing me that slowly i fallen asleep. The last whisper i have could hear was been ‘My princess can’t have limits’. Then i fallen asleep. But, even in the sleep our hearts were beating at unison. Before you left me sleep, you have bow yourself toward me and you have softly kissed me, then silently you have left the room and you went down. You wanted see if in the notebook of your grandma there was something written in regard. You have took it and you have started to leafing it. You have leafed it from the begin  to the end. You have read  each words, phrase that your grandma has wrote, looking for even, the most meaning hidden. But despite all your efforts, you didnt have  find nothing that it could say you how  make show any gap to other persons, expecially to the person who was roling the day and the night, and you knew it. Your grandma didnt ever written about a Parallel World and of how does it was worked. She wrote only about the magic stones and some omens.
When you was thrown back to the sofa, you have closed the eyes, and you have could feel my breathe mixed with my heart beating. Right after, you have opened them and you have take a look to the upstairs, sighing my name. You have left the notebook on the little table and slowly you went up. You stopped for a while to the threshold of the door and you have looked at me sleeping. You was coming close to the bed and without make any noise, you have lay yourself next to me. You have looked at me, delicately you have caressed my face and you have sighed ‘You can’t have further limits’.
You have said that, so profoundly and intensely, that i have could feel it, despite i was sleeping and right after i whispered your name and i have looked for your hand, your body and you have wrapped me in your embrace.
You was looking at the moon up in the sky, caressing me softly.”


⇐“We were

“You was caressing me ⇒

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