“We were

lukesolescuriLooking at eachother, ready for enter in the appartment, when Fenkuz was came out from his bush saying us ‘Wait!’ We turned ourselves and we have waited for him in front of the open door.
‘Wait, i have something to say you… something about the gap… the gap between the two worlds. I knew, that sooner or later, it would be arrived this moment.’
We didnt have say nothing. Slowly, we settled on that little stair, that by now, it was become the little place where our little secrets of our parallel world were revelead.
‘Luke has found that you, Daria, have a fondamental role in this world. You give the light and the darkness to the Parallel World… and while you sleep, we are able to go trought the gap….’
‘I’ve belived…’ you was about to complete the phrase, but it was useless. You have didnt thought that when whoever went in the other world, here the others, weren’t in alert if something was going wrong. ‘Each time we have to go in the gap, we follow each steps of our friends from this tiny mirror.’ And it was then that Fenkuz has pulled out from his little leather bag a tiny mirror and he gave it to you. You, then had passed it to me.
It seemed a broken mirror, but it wasnt at all.
‘In the shack, there is a mirror. It’s from there that we go trought the gap, and each thing that may open the mind, like pages of a book, reflects on this mirror what is happening on the other side… in the real world.
‘Since one of your first meeting in the bar, we get preparing ourselves for this jump’ the Markùts had said us. 
Everything was explained much clearly, but there was one only question i wanted make but i had no the courage to formulate. And you knew what it was. I throwed out the air from my lungs and you had asked it. We both remained with wide eye open, as such much as we were so connect. ‘My princess asking herself, if ever, she will be able to see, one day, this magic jump in the real world, as i saw it.’ While you was asking it to Fenkuz, i’ve holded your hand, and in my hold, you have could feel my heart beating fast. I couldn’t swallow.
Fenkuz have looked at me and he was approached himself to me. He took my hands. I have shyly smile. He was thinking how to say it me. They were passed several minutes in silence. Even the Markùts didnt know what say and they were remained in silence too. ‘I got it, Fenkuz, it’s ok. It was just a curiosity… a princess has her powers but she has even her limits, and this is one of these.’ When i was saying this, my heart beating hard and it was resounding in whole world. You. was looking at me with all your sweetness and you was holding my hand. ‘Im very sorry’ Fenkuz said me. I’ve caressed him and i’ve whispered ‘It’s not your guilty, maybe me, i have purported too much, it’s ok’. Then we both, have throwed out all the air we have had in our lungs, while Fenkuz was back to adjust his bush and the Markùts were back  wandering the great valley that was in front of us.
We remained for several minutes in silence hand in hand, listening to our breathe, while the moon going up in the sky. “


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