From when

catturamaydaycon_lineareI’ve felt you and from what which i’ve seen yesterday and tonight, i’ve have the clear feeling that now we are running the same road. You from the opposite side of the planet, you was been able to reached me, and now it’s enough even a tiny thought to unleash an emotion’storm, and we are inside of them.
You’re seeing me, from the other side of the planet and i can feel even your more little thought. And you’re watching me with your beautiful eyes. And for real, i dont know what you’re thinking, but your thoughts are toward me.
Yesterday, that touch made me feel stunned. I never felt myself so in my whole life. And today, what which i’ve seen. I swear, i didnt wanted believe, instead it was on white on black.
And now i’m writing i can feel your eyes set on me.
Yesterday we met ourselves for the umpteeth time, but i felt something special. And even tonight it had something special. I believe to dont need explain it to you.
I staring the magic stone that it is on the desk and i just need of that… it saying all what we need to know…
I feel your closeness and i’m sure you’re feeling mine there close your heart. Mine now, is beating hard and i’m sure that your is doing the same.
It’s incredible how two souls are meeting  in the most weird way of the world. But it was what it happened between us.
If i close the eyes i feel you’re whispering my name and i only can do is sigh, typing on this keyboard. And now, i know,  that your eyes are reading what i’m writing in this open diary.
I’m still shaking my head, unbelieveable.


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