From tonight

reading11_forteThat i’m going crazy. I’m thinking to what has happened and now our minds are get connect once again in a strong way and i dont want believe that is happening for real
Maybe we were fallen in a road and now the travel is arrived  at the point in which our minds are meet themselves and our sensations are expanding always more and that headache i had suddenly, it has been the point in which our minds and our souls touched, for the very first time, after this long travel we have done, at the opposite side of the other.
I’m feeling our connection getting bigger and bigger and close and i see in front of me the canalize of our connection, born  so, for a  real, a case… born from that dream.
That dream that it has putted us in this long way of our connection.
I just can only take a long deep breathe and closing the eyes i can feel your embrace from behind and you’re whispoer my name.
Your embrace is what i really need in these moments that i’m thinking of you…


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