“You was still” – ○297○

Looking at me, as if, for real, we were found ourselves, again.
I have could felt your emotions got calming, just after several minutes. Our heart beats were at unison, and now you was touching my face, realizing what which I had said you.

luke0005fondigranaRight after this, I said again: “It’s on the floor; I have wanted waited for you.”
You threw a glimpse to the black furniture, then you have soft touched my hand, and I’ve took it.
You have made me go down from the stool, then we went in that corner. You was about to leave my hand, but I have hold it tight. We looked at one in another deeply, and in that instants I’ve left you go.

While you was kneeling to get the stone, we have sighed at the same time. We threw out the air from the lungs. And while you was returning close to me, in these few steps, we have looked at each other, and it seemed that everything around us was disappeared.

When you have settled next to me, we just wanted sheltering each other in the soul of the other, but we knew even, that the magic stones wanted say us something of important about our life, and our world.

You held my hand, and together, we had seen which stone was fallen. Which symbol was, and which meaning had. Before to see it, we had closed the eyes, and we held back the breathe.

Slowly, we had open the eyes, and finally we had discovered which stone was.
We were remained breathless, because it was Fehu: one the most beautiful, and powerful of the magic stones.
To me, it was saying that I was understanding my relationship with the nature, and slowly I was understanding what you have said me few hours earlier.
And for you, it was meaning that the target, was in your heart.
Lifting your face toward me, you have whisper me: “You’re my heart.”
You have left me without breathe, and I have couldn’t hold back tears.
Each time, you was able, to leave me breathless, but this time it has been one of the most intense from when it has begun this our magic story.

In meanwhile, outside of the big window, there was a wonderful game of lights that it was merging with the light of the sun: and now I knew, that’s was me to do that, with all the emotions I was feeling, and in someway I knew you was the maker of all this.

Our emotions were merging one in another: and they were strong.”


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