Our hearts

luke30_forteAre beating at the same time. Im looking at you, i’m hearing your breathe. You’re coming to me from behind. Your embrace is so sweet. Our minds are get connect one another fast in these istants. I close the eyes and i can see you’re sleeping but slowly you’re opening them, delicately you’re whispering my name. I can hear it. Like a silk veil your voice is wrapping me and i can feel your arms around me. Our hearts are at unison. We feel the same things despite our distance.
We closing the eyes our vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger and despite all, despite our distance we are taking our hands. We holding them so tight. We dont want left them go.
I’m still feeling your whispers. They entering inside of me, and i must take a deep breathe for dont going crazy.
You’re closeness is here. I feel you close to me.
You’re holding my hips and you’re looking at me. You’re here close to me.
I feel you.


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