“Inside the” – ○296○


Apartment there was still silence: you was still sleeping. With much careful I went to the sofa.
There was even still that atmosphere, and more I’ve approached to the sofa, more I realise that something was happened among the magic stones. I don’t wanted see which stone had creating that atmosphere.
When I approached to the sofa armrest I’ve take a look on the floor close the black furniture, I have had a thud: it was there, on the floor.

The magic stones had spoken again, but I didn’t wanted checked which symbol was on.
I left your favourite corner, and with apparently calm, I went in the kitchen.
From the fridge I taken a little bottle of mineral water, then I settled on the stool in front of the table, where there was always a glass ready to be used.

I’ve closed the eyes for a minute, and in that instants, I has been able to see what was happening in the bedroom.
Slowly, you was opening the eyes: you have whispered my name, touching the empty part of the bed, but you have found the note that I’ve left you: you have read it.
Sighing again my name, you went at the window; the shack was closed, and the Markùts were wandering in front of the apartment.

I have could feel your heart was starting beating hard.
You have run downstairs. You didn’t have seen me in the kitchen, you have open the door. You was about to scream, but in a whisper I stopped you: “Luke, I’m here…. ” I have shyly smiled.

For a moment, you stopped yourself, and you have looked at me. You came to me, and you have took my face in your hand. We looked at each other so deeply that we had thought that we were losing ourselves in the eyes of the other.
You have given me a kiss so sweet that our souls got merging one in another, once again.

That atmosphere in the air during that kiss, got bigger, and our emotions has became one only.

We hadn’t wanted stop us, as if that short time we weren’t been together it was passed a century or more.
We had our hearts in throat, when we have looked at each other again.

I didn’t wanted break that moment: I have waited for few minutes before talk. Your hands were in mine, and you was smiling as you did always.

While I was looking at you, I have sighed: “One stone is fallen… .”

You was staring me, lost in my soul.”


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